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committee this morning in washington, dc. her speech is impaired as being shot in the head two years ago. she spoke slowly and made some plea. >> too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> the head of the national rifle association will testified >> law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of december ranged criminals or do we believe that government should dick eight what we can lawfully own and use to protect our families. >> the senate judiciary committee hearing is the first on gun control since the massacre in newtown. >> investigators are testing bones in a decades old case of a missing child in san francisco. we broke that story yesterday. kevin collins disappeared in
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february of 1984 and last seen at a bus stop in the haight-ashbury. amy joins us from the home that was searched by cadaver dogs. >> people say it has been painful to relive the memories of kevin and his disappearance. investigators stirred up old emotions yesterday morning when they arrived in the neighborhood and searched a home here at masonic and page in haight-ashbury looking for evidence in the disappearance of kevin collins. he was ten when he vanished. police found bones under the concrete floor but they believe they are animal bones. this is drawing out hope and disappointment again for the family including the mother and collins, and those in the neighbor. >> shaky. i was scared. shaking. i could not sleep think about it, what the situation was.
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i did get some sleep but i was worried about anne, that is who i am worried about. she is the one, really, that is having a problem right now. >> police were here at home all day yesterday and into the night. it was the cold case unit that decided to take another look at the home. a man who was a "person of interest" in the case used to live here. he has died. the man would lives here now is not considered a suspect in the case and told us this morning that he does not want to comment. kevin's mother told abc7 she has mixed emotions. she is relieved the bones appear not to be kevins but disappointed the family will not have some closure. reporting live in san francisco, for abc7 news. >> happening now in san francisco, all classes of canceled at a building in san francisco state university because of flooding. a water pipe broke on the first
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floor of the creative arts building. the water flooded the basement where stage props and sound equipment are stored. no word on how much the extent of the damage is at this point. school officials are blaming the leak on a corroded valve. >> a man was seriously hurt this morning when hit by a car in santa rosa. the c.h.p. says he was running across highway 101 after getting gasoline to fill an empty tank. we do not have word on his condition. >> the california highway patrol has lifted a traffic alert in livermore after a fatal accident and car fire. we were over the accident that happened at 6:30 this morning. the interstate was closed for several hours near greenville road with three vehicles involved in the crash and the identity has not been released. >> happening now in san jose, police are looking for one person who used a flammable substance to try and set a house
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on fire. somebody threw a fiery object at a house near glenwood avenue. residents called 9-1-1 and crews saw the front porch on fire. the front door was burned but no one was hurt. >> 49er fans streaming into new orleans for the super bowl and the french quarter. sometimes it pays to go where the locals prefer. katie marzullo has more on that. >> it is similar but not quite the same. >> the difference between the french quarter and coming more into magazine, into the city, is more authentic. >> the food? >> you get the food there but it is for everyone. it is not -- maybe it is something that they have dummied down so it would be for everyone to eat. >> and shopping, it gets an upgrade.
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>> french quarter has great t-shirt options but this has local flare. >> you can get any shirt you want in a few seconds like this featuring recognizable 49er names. side note, the manning brothers grew up in the garden district, this is their childhood home. here is the thing, if the area is a well kept local secret, why are locals giving it up to the media? >> i say if you want to go shopping and you want need things go up magazine. >> everyone should actually come and experience all of new orleans and not just the french quarter because it is much more than that. >> a fabulous place. katie marzullo is part of the team of reporters bringing the best coverage of super bowl week. sports director larry beils and sports anchor mike shoe map, and reporter wayne freedman are in the big easy with a behind-the-scenes twitter update and you can follow them at abc7 news bay area. today, a lucky 49er fans at
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noon, the 49ers contact the winner of the team's super bowl xlvii swede stakes getting 20 round trip airline tickets to the big easy and a raffle is held with prizes donated by 49er tight end, and the grand prize is all expense paid trip including super bowl tickets and the raffles of $2 each with a minimum purchase of five. the drawing is tomorrow. for information we have a lead on our website at "see it on tv." and we will be live from new orleans, on the wear, with up-to-the-minute look at how niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> still ahead, more news, more major storm damage in the south with new pictures just coming
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in, showing the aftermath of a tornado. getting set to make history at the golden gate bridge
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>> breaking news from phoenix, arizona, the scene of a workplace shooting, five people were injured, three shot, inside an office complex over an hour ago. police say there was an altercation prior to the
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shooting and they believe this is one gunman, very intense manhunt for him is underway. we will bring you updates when they become available and update you on new this morning the national weather service is reporting at least one storm-related death after this tornado hit in georgia. incredible video of a huge funnel cloud with numerous cars overfund on interstate 75 and two other tornadoes were also reported in that region. at home the golden gate bridge is set to make history in california and the country as the first major bridge to go all automatic with toll taking. cornell bernard joins us from the toll plaza. >> officials are trying to avoid any confusion here. toll takers on the bridge are as icon ick as the span and soon they will be gone. electronic toll collection is
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here to stay. you cannot tell but the system is already up and running, testing has begun, as well. 20 million people pass through the toll gates each year. many have cash in hand ready to pay their $6. but not for long. the electronic toll taking is coming to the golden gate bridge. no more stopping. no more toll takers. commuters like andrew are skeptical. >> it could be confusing for some people at first. i'm all for anything that cuts down on the traffic jams. it is a good idea. >> officials are ramping up the system and testing. the public will not notice anything for a while. in march, 30 percent of driver whose do not have fast track are given several options to pay including registering your license plate with the bridge and pre-paying with a credit card. >> we have a new system called the toll inprovide if you do not have an account, or do not know what to do you get an invoice.
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>> like a bill in the mail and looks like this. you have 21 days to pay. >> i'm not a local here, just a few times i cross it, it has been very difficult. >> do you keep your job? what happens to you? (inaudible). >> she says once it is over, it's over. many toll takers are not happy technology will replace them and some have a chance to apply for a new job. >> 28 toll takers work for the bridge, the conversion happens by march, and will save the bridge district $16 million over eight years. the big message to drivers will be, don't stop, keep moving. in fact, that message is so strong, they plan to put a plan over the tollbooth saying exactly that. >> thank you so much. >> spencer christian is here. >> did you see the nice blue sky? that is how it looks all over the bay area right now. almost like spring.
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is it april? or is it january? he is a view from our high definition east bay camera. i'll be back in a moment with the seven-day outlook to health you know how long this incredible weather will last. >> thank you, spencer. and the man who hoaxed manti te'o by creating a fake girlfriend says the real reason behind the prank. >> the connection between housework and sex, listen up, spencer, research that may have men second-guessing their help around the
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>> abc7 starts right now with live breaking news. >> breaking news from workplace shooting in phoenix, arizona, the latest reports are that five people are injured and three of them shot. there is intense manhunt right now for the gunman. the shooting happened inside an office complex, with the gunman walking in and firing. it does not appear to be random. we have the latest on abc7 news at 4:00 and updates at we have developing news right now from alabama where a dangerous situation is still
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unfolding. this involve as man with a gun and a kidnapped six-year-old boy. the f.b.i., swat teams and negotiators are trying to save the child who is being held hostage in an underground bunker. yesterday a gunman shot and killed a school bus driver and kidnapped the boy who has special medical needs. >> he said he needed a kid because the law was coming after him, and he shot the bus driver and the driver's foot was on the gas and we went backwards. >> the terrifying situation for the children. police sources identify the suspect as a man named jimmy lee, and records say he was due in court on charge of threatening his neighborhoods. >> we now know the reason behind a hoax of football star manti te'o. the man behind the hoax told dr. phil he fell deep supply
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romantically in love with manti te'o. when dr. phil said was he gay, he said yes and said he was confused. he made up the hoax who manti te'o regards usely girlfriend although they never met. last week, manti te'o said he did not find out his girl was not real until december. >> study found that the the less housework married men the more sex they have. where the wife does all the cleaning, cooging, and shopping had 1.6 times sex more often than men who did the chores but do not use that to avoid helping around the house because that can cause other marital
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conflicts. >> you are a sharing kind of guy? >> wonder why we have never swept together! >> can we look at the weather? >> leader is the weather. from owe high definition camera, we can get out of the bay on this beautiful day, sunny skies, mild spring like conditions, and we will look at live doppler 7 hd, a cloud-free sky over the bay area with high clouds well-off shore. yesterday, we had high thin clouds over the bay area and now it is just blue skies and sun. readings in the upper 50's to low 60's so you can see it will be mild. redwood city is 62. and mountain view is 60 and 63 in los gatos. these are the forecast features, sunny and spring-like day this afternoon, it is already, and this mild pattern holds into next week and we will have cooler and unsettled weather by midweek next week but it is going pretty well. i will step back to look at the satellite radar, showing a
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strong blocking ridge dereflecting the jet stream to the north so there are no weather disturbances headed our way, and we have with a clockwise circulation an the high pressure, a warmer breeze coming out of the northeast from land to sea bringing us the mild weather we expect this afternoon. high temperatures in the south bay reaching into the mid-60's and 64 in kimbell and 64 in saratoga, and 61 in san mateo and 63 at palo alto, and downtown san francisco will see a high of 60 today and 68 in the sunset district, and napa and santa rosa, 63. east bay, look if highs of 63 in oakland and union city and end of the east bay is low-to-mid 60's and 63 at concord and pleasanton and monterey will have highs in the mid-to-upper 50's everyone tonight, lows will drop into the mid-30's and the chilly interior valleys of the
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north bay and east bay and if you are planning to go to new orleans to celebrate the 49ers appearing in the super bowl, you will encounter dry weather thursday through sunday. there will be clouds for the weekend in new orleans but it will be mild with high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's with no rain expected and you can enjoy your jog or your walk around borbon street. now, the seven-day outlook in the bay area we expect sunny and mild conditions to last through sunday into monday with high temperatures in the mid-60's for much of this period and low 60's on the coast which is almost beach weather in the san francisco area. and a few more clouds tuesday with a slight chance of showers on tuesday and temperatures drop off midweek and we can secretary more seasonal winter like weather. >> still ahead, the unusual new video put out by denver's mayor. why is he dancing like that?
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>> today, three iconic performers, r&b legend mary j. blige and angela bassett, and, also, michael bolton is here and i will ask about the famous locks and how he is attracting a much younger audience thanks to
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> coming up at 7:00 on "katie" angela bassett, and michael
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bolton coming up, and the parents of the coaches for the super bowl, the harbaughs, will be live on tv. >> and gold fever will sweep the city, santa clara is getting ready for the super bowl. we will have those stories ahead. >> the mayor of denver is playing off against the mayor of baltimore. take a look. ♪ good luck, ray >> he has some good moves. they thought the bronco would win. but broncos lost. and ray lewis squirrel dance. and the baltimore mayor would
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have had to light the washington monument in the broncos orange and blue. >> go, joey. from all of us at abc7, thanks for joining us.
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[cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a jack-of-all-trades.
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she's been a dog-walker, a travel consultant, an oil and gas analyst, and she's adding millionaire contestant to that list today. from houston, texas, please welcome janice rudd. hey, janice. [cheers and applause] a real entrepreneur, i'd say. of all those jobs or any of the others i might not have listed, what was your favorite? what do you really like to do? >> probably doing the private cooking classes, 'cause it's a gift that keeps giving. i go, i learn something, i have a lot of fun, and then i go home, and i make the dishes, and usually, they turn out great, and my friends appreciate it too. >> oh, do you have a favorite dish that you've learned to make? >> i have a lot. i have tandoori chicken that's-- and then you can-- >> i'm coming to your house. my gosh. yeah, that sounds great. >> just let me know next time you're in houston. >> thank you, i will for sure. now, this is the latest thing you're doing here, being a contestant on millionaire, so there you go. >> yes. >> let's take a look at the money in your round 1. okay, computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. and let's take a look at your categories. gonna randomize those categories as well.
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